Ice Cream Eqpt.

Semi-Industrial & Industrial Ice Cream Plant / Providing single equipment to complete solutions for small and medium scale ice cream producers.

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Ice Cream Eqpt. Design and Manufacturing - Fu Chen Technology

Ice Cream Eqpt. supply since 2015. Fu Chen Technology has been providing ice cream machinery and its processing equipment for the last 30 years with solid reputation.

Ice cream turnkey project design and manufacturing including, 3D modeling machine design, sizing, plant layout, process design, manufacturing, exporting delivery, on-site equipment & piping installation, commissioning, personnel training, start-up assistance and spare parts delivery. As well as providing processing equipment for liquid food products, such as sanitary tanks, mixers, pumps & valves, heat exchangers, homogenizers, pasteurizers, CIP systems, gable-top carton fillers, ultra-clean cup fillers, and much more.

Fu Chen Technology has been delivering ice cream machinery and processing equipment worldwide, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Fu Chen Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

Ice Cream Eqpt.

Semi-Industrial & Industrial Ice Cream Plant

Ice Cream Production Plant
Ice Cream Production Plant
Ice Cream Production Plant
Ice Cream Production Plant

Fuchen Technology manufactures and sales a full line of industrial ice cream equipment. Our ice cream production equipment includes mix pasteurization plants, ageing tanks, continuous freezers, ingredient feeders / ripple pumps, ice cream filling machines, stick ice-cream moulding & wrapping machines and ice crushing machines. We are the right partner for small and medium scale ice-cream producers: innovative developing, simplicity in use and maintenance, excellent value for money.

Fu-Chen Technology Turnkey Solution

  • Ice Cream Mix Plant - Ice Cream Pasteurization Plant
    Ice Cream Mix Plant
    Mix Preparation Units

    To meet requirements of small to large scale ice cream producers, we offer a range of mix plant with capacity from 300 to 3,000 L/H, which produces continuous flow of pasteurized, homogenized and cooled ice-cream mix.The mix processing plants are platform based units, supplied either for batch pasteurization or continuous HTST pasteurization upon request. Accessory equipment is also available such as powder feeder, ageing tanks and water chiller.

  • Continuous Freezers - Continuous Ice-Cream Freezer
    Continuous Freezers
    Continuous Ice Cream Freezers

    The freezers are ideal solutions for industrial production of high-quality ice cream, also suitable for small-scale producers who want to step up from their artisanal machines. Available with capacity from 300 to 1,500 L/H.

  • Ingredient Feeder - Ingredient & fruit feeder for ice-cream flavoring
    Ingredient Feeder
    Ice Cream Ingredient & Fruit Feeder

    The ingredient feeder is used in connection with the ice cream continuous freezer, which controls the addition of particulate ingredients into the ice cream flow. Nuts, candies, chocolate bits, fruit pieces and many others can be added with the desired amount and gently mixed with ice cream.

  • Ripple Pump - Syrup & chocolate pump station for ice-cream flavoring and variegating
    Ripple Pump
    Syrup & Chocolate Pumps

    The ripple pump is designed to work in-line with continuous ice-cream freezers, which controls the injection of ripple sauces into the ice cream flow, such as jam, fruit juice, chocolate and caramel syrup.It consists of a stainless steel hopper with a discharge valve, rotary or screw type pump. For liquid chocolate, jacketed hopper and electric heating elements are also available to maintain the constant temperature.

  • Ice-Cream Filling Machines - Ice-Cream Filling Machines
    Ice-Cream Filling Machines
    Ice Cream Cones / Cups / Tubs Filling Machines

    Whether small cup or bulk ice cream, we offer a wide range of equipment for filled ice-cream producing. In-line, rotary and semi-auto fillers are available upon request, used in applications of cones, cups, pints, family packs, wafer cups and squeeze-ups.

  • Stick Moulding Machines - Ice Cream Stick Machines
    Stick Moulding Machines
    Industrial Ice Cream Bars, Popsicles, Ice Lolly Pops Making Machines

    This automatic production line is built to meet the hygienic standards for industrial production of popsicles and ice cream bars.