Hot Water Set

Hot Water Generators, Steam Water Heaters / Providing single equipment to complete solutions for small and medium scale ice cream producers.

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Hot Water Set Design and Manufacturing - Fu Chen Technology

Hot Water Set supply since 2015. Fu Chen Technology has been providing ice cream machinery and its processing equipment for the last 30 years with solid reputation.

Ice cream turnkey project design and manufacturing including, 3D modeling machine design, sizing, plant layout, process design, manufacturing, exporting delivery, on-site equipment & piping installation, commissioning, personnel training, start-up assistance and spare parts delivery. As well as providing processing equipment for liquid food products, such as sanitary tanks, mixers, pumps & valves, heat exchangers, homogenizers, pasteurizers, CIP systems, gable-top carton fillers, ultra-clean cup fillers, and much more.

Fu Chen Technology has been delivering ice cream machinery and processing equipment worldwide, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Fu Chen Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

Hot Water Set

Hot water sets (HWS) are used across multiple industries to provide controlled water temperature to various process requirements like ingredient hot water, tank jacket heating and cleaning / sanitization. We have experience designing HWS that use various types of heating equipment, such as direct steam injection, brazed plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Hot Water Generators, Steam Water Heaters


Our Hot Water Sets are engineered to match each application. Water flow rate, heating range and steam supply characteristics are all considered when designing each system.

● Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
● Hot Water Recirculation Pump.
● Pressure Reducing Valve.
● Automatic Steam Control Valve.
● Steam Trap.
● Expansion Tank.
● Manual Shutoff Valve.
● Pressure Gauges.
● Stainless Steel Base and Rack with Adjustable Feet.
● Steam Safety Relief Valve.
● Thermometers.
● Y-Strainer on Steam Line.

Working Principle

The system senses the current temperature of the process using an RTD. It then compares the current temperature to the set point using an electronic controller. The controller sends a corrective electric signal to the positioner. The signal then controls pneumatic air supply to the steam control valve which increases or decreases the steam flow into the system. The change in steam flow raises or lowers the water (service fluid) temperature.


Hot water sets (HWS) are designed to indirectly heat water using steam energy by means of a steam-to-water heat exchanger, commonly used in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Hot water is often preferred over steam because it provides a closer and more controllable temperature approach to the final desired product temperature. This is often critical when processing heat sensitive products that risk burn on or coagulation.

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