Water Chillers & Ice Banks

Chilled Water Tank with Ice Accumulation Refrigeration Equipment / Providing single equipment to complete solutions for small and medium scale ice cream producers.

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Water Chillers & Ice Banks Design and Manufacturing - Fu Chen Technology

Water Chillers & Ice Banks supply since 2015. Fu Chen Technology has been providing ice cream machinery and its processing equipment for the last 30 years with solid reputation.

Ice cream turnkey project design and manufacturing including, 3D modeling machine design, sizing, plant layout, process design, manufacturing, exporting delivery, on-site equipment & piping installation, commissioning, personnel training, start-up assistance and spare parts delivery. As well as providing processing equipment for liquid food products, such as sanitary tanks, mixers, pumps & valves, heat exchangers, homogenizers, pasteurizers, CIP systems, gable-top carton fillers, ultra-clean cup fillers, and much more.

Fu Chen Technology has been delivering ice cream machinery and processing equipment worldwide, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Fu Chen Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

Water Chillers & Ice Banks

The refrigeration equipment is an industrial water-cooled chiller, suitable for customers who want to produce chilled water at 1°C through ice accumulation. For ice cream production, it generates stable ice water circulation to cool down the ice-cream mixture in Mix Plant immediately and keep it at constant temperature of 4°C in ageing tanks. The glycol ice bank also has the capability of ice thermal storage, which can reduce energy cost by shifting energy usage to non-peak hours. This model is capable of Ice storage up to 1 ton.

Chilled Water Tank with Ice Accumulation Refrigeration Equipment

Ice Capacity
Energy Storage
Compressor Cooling
Capacity (kW)
Compressor Power
Requirement (kW)


● Semi-hermetic compressor, available with reciprocating or screw type.
● Refrigerant Gas: R507
● Water-cooled condenser.
● Brazed plate evaporator.
● Double-walled and insulated ice water tank in stainless steel.
● Ice-build coils with antifreeze loop.


Provide ice-cold water

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