Ice Cream Batch Mix Plant

Ice Cream Batch Pasteurization Plant / Providing single equipment to complete solutions for small and medium scale ice cream producers.

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Ice Cream Batch Mix Plant Design and Manufacturing - Fu Chen Technology

Ice Cream Batch Mix Plant supply since 2015. Fu Chen Technology has been providing ice cream machinery and its processing equipment for the last 30 years with solid reputation.

Ice cream turnkey project design and manufacturing including, 3D modeling machine design, sizing, plant layout, process design, manufacturing, exporting delivery, on-site equipment & piping installation, commissioning, personnel training, start-up assistance and spare parts delivery. As well as providing processing equipment for liquid food products, such as sanitary tanks, mixers, pumps & valves, heat exchangers, homogenizers, pasteurizers, CIP systems, gable-top carton fillers, ultra-clean cup fillers, and much more.

Fu Chen Technology has been delivering ice cream machinery and processing equipment worldwide, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Fu Chen Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

Ice Cream Batch Mix Plant

This plant is used for preparation of ice-cream mix based on batch pasteurization, completed with homogenizer. All components are mounted on stainless steel platform and ready for immediate production after connection to utilities. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution for small scale ice-cream producers, available with capacity from 300 to 1,200 L/H.

Ice Cream Batch Pasteurization Plant

Working Principle

Mixing - Raw ingredients, such as fresh or powdered milk, water, vegetable oil or butter-fat, sugar, stabilizers and emulsifiers are introduced into the stainless steel tank and blended with rapid agitation.

Pasteurization - The heating system supplies hot water via the circulation pump. Then the mix is heated to 85°C of pasteurization temperature by means of hot water in the jacket. The alternate use of the two tanks ensures a continuous production process.

Homogenization - Once the pasteurization temperature has been reached, the mix is pumped into the high-pressure homogenizer, which breaks down and reduces the fat globules at working pressure of 200 bar to obtain a great ice cream structure.

Cooling - Following homogenization, the mix pass through the plate heat exchanger where it is pre-cooled by tower water and cooled further with chilled water to reach 4 - 6°C of final mix temperature. The mix is then stored at 4°C in the ageing tanks for at least 4 to 6 hours and usually overnight.

Main Components

  • Batch pasteurization tank - 2 pieces.
  • Two-stage homogenizer, max. 250 bar pressure.
  • Plate cooler, 2 sections.
  • Inline mix filter.
  • Centrifugal transfer pump.
  • Electrical control cabinet.
  • Stainless steel platform.
  • Hot water unit, heated by steam (electricity or gas as options).


  • Ageing tanks.
  • Chilled water tank.
  • CIP system.


ModelMix Plant 300 BatchMix Plant 600 BatchMix Plant 1200 Batch
Capacity300 l/h600 l/h1200 l/h
Pasteurizing MethodVat pasteurizationVat pasteurizationVat pasteurization
Homogenizing Pressure200 Bar200 Bar200 Bar
Pasteurizing Temperature+85°C+85°C+85°C
Installed Power8.6 kW10.5 kW14 kW
HeatingSteam or Gas / ElectricalSteam or Gas / ElectricalSteam or Gas / Electrical
Intermediate CoolingCold waterCold waterCold water
Final CoolingChilled waterChilled waterChilled water


Industrial liquid food product production

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